Monday, July 6, 2009

Fun on the 4th!

First of all, has this summer flown by or what?!?! I am so enjoying it but everyday gets closer and closer to me going back to school :(

Boy did we enjoy the 4th of July! We went to the Hyrum parade. I finally broke down and put real shoes on my baby. I don't usually for 3 reasons: 1)They make him look big and I hate it! 2) He can't crawl and stand well in them yet 3) We lose them because his feet are so long and skinny. But here are his cute scoots!
After the parade, we went to the Nielsen's and had dinner and played outside. Can you tell he likes being outdoors? He is his father's child :)Ryker also took his first 4-wheeler ride. He wasn't quite sure, I think Dad is too big of a daredevil :)

He also learned a new trick. Up, up, up he goes. He steps on your ear to try to get higher. What a monkey! On Sunday we headed out with Colby, Kristi and Kel up to Monte Cristo. We went to the family property and ate lunch by the lake. We went to another spot and the guys fished, the kids napped and the Mommys took the 22 to shoot praire dogs! It was my first time shooting at a moving target. SO FUN! I hate guns, but I am starting to think they are okay...

We then went back to the property and the boys went coyote hunting and became mosquito food while we played in the car. All in all a VERY fun day!

Today we are regrouping, getting the house put back together and catching up on sleep. Hope everyone had a fun, safe 4th!

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