Friday, July 10, 2009

Once again...

Anyone tired of hearing about acid reflux? Because I sure hate this evil little monster that won't let my son just be!!! Well, things are good but since we know that it is acid reflux that is disrupting Ryker's sleep (causing not just stress on my part but real pain for him) we have up-ed the ante (I am so sure I spelled that wrong!)
He is now taking:5 ml once a day
2 times a day

With a smidge of this as needed

The nurse at the pediatrician's office said "you're giving him HOW MUCH?!?" I know!!! This is just so unexpected, because we were told that most kids just outgrow their dose and the GERD at the same time- so when they sit up and are on solids there is usually no need for medication.

It's okay though- I am just glad that there is something to help my little guy. His painful cry is so heartbreaking! To think that in the past little babies were diagnosed as collicy when in fact they were in so much pain is so sad! Tonight is the first night with the Zantac, so hopefully it helps him!


Steve and Chelsie said...

Yeah hopefully it helps! I hate the cry when you know they are in pain, it's the worst ever! You guys look like your doing great! Are you working? I can't remember.

Lena said...

Poor littlie guy. Sariah has a spit up problem (throw up, really), up until recently it hasn't bothered her. It still doesn't hurt her so badly that it makes her cry, she just makes a grimace of pain for a brief moment. My guess is a mild case of acid reflux. Hopefully when she starts on solids it'll lessen.