Monday, July 6, 2009

A Turn Around

I just wanted to update on Ryker's sleeping status...
He is a completely different baby! I think that the reason for the night owl behavior was a mix of acid reflux and just wanting Mommy :)
We have changed his medicine dose again and I will call the doctor today to change it so that we won't have to give him anything in the middle of the night. We also started letting him cry :(
It was really not bad at all. The first night he would fuss for about a minute, every 15 minutes for 3 hours, but no real crying. The second night he slept until 4:30- I gave him his medicine and he fussed for a minute then slept till 6. Last night I kind of messed him up because we went on a fun little trip. He only woke up once to eat at 2:30 then right back to sleep...So, all in all it is 1 million times better than it was and as I type, he is napping and has been for an hour and a half (unheard of in our 30 minute cat napper :) Thanks for all the support, we are going to be alright!

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