Friday, July 10, 2009

Swimming Lessons

Ryker loved swimming lessons. A half hour was just perfect for him to enjoy all the little games and then take a long nap after all that hard work. We learned to:

Kick our legs

"Swim" to a toy

Go under water (LOVES it!)
(I just love the look on my face...not! Crazy mom drowning baby?)
"Jump" off the side and swim back

Pancake rolls from front to back
Back float (not a big fan)

Notice the crossed feet- he even did this in the womb! (maybe brought back memories of being in water for 9 months?)

Tigger hop in shallow water

Wear a lifejacket (I could barely find him in it- the runt!)

Most of all- to have fun in the water

His favorite part was singing "the wheels on the bus" and doing all the actions

I am so glad that I am sharing this love of mine with Ryker. I learned to swim early and have always loved the water. I would highly suggest it to everyone else (I think they run through August).

Tuckered out, cuddling with Grandma

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Lisa and Brady said...

So Cute!! They learn so quickly when their small! Definetly a smart decision! He'll be like a little fish and loving every minute of it!!