Friday, July 3, 2009

Trouble Yet Again

Everyone who reads my blog knows what a terrible sleeper Ryker is. I have tried and tried and TRIED to fix this. His naps are very rigid- I make him go to sleep at the same time in the same way EVERYDAY. He goes to bed at 8 o'clock sharp EVERYNIGHT with the same routine EVERYNIGHT. Consistency is supposed to be the key, right? WRONG! He also puts himself to sleep at night and I don't pick him up from his crib at night- the 2 things "they" say are supposed to lead to good sleep habits. It has just gotten worse and worse the past month.
We doubled his acid reflux medicine dose, he gets ibuprofen, baby orajel and teething tablets everynight (hopefully you can't overdose him on this stuff!) Even with this, he is staying up from 1-3 hours everynight.
Talked to the doctor today and he said to increase his acid reflux medicine and if that doesn't help then all we can do is let him cry himself back to sleep in the middle of the night and hope that gets us some relief...
So I am left frustrated and completely exhausted. I haven't had a good nights sleep since November 4th...8 months.
If you haven't had a child that doesn't sleep, you really don't know how hard it is to live like this. We are completely exhausted and can't enjoy life like we would like to. I have a suprise for Dustin for our anniversary and we are supposed to go out of town for the night in September, but I am going to have to sell our tickets if this doesn't get better. Things are just plain hard. Endure to the end is taking on a whole new meaning for me because there is no hope in sight...I had a dream last night that I was comforting an 18 year old Ryker in the middle of the night- no joke!
Well, that is what is going on in our lives right now- so not fun and very very hard to find the silver lining. I know I shouldn't whine when there are sick kids out there, but in a way I feel like he is sick because something is so wrong with him. Dustin says I will miss this- yeah right! After 8 months, I have had enough and there is NO WAY I will miss this!


megan and darin said...

wes didn't sleep through the night until she was nine months. i was worried too, but as soon as she got some teeth in she was fine. hopefully, as soon as ryker gets some teeth he'll be fine as well. but what do i know, this is my first kid. i'm sorry. it sounds like your doing everything you can do. good luck!

megan and darin said...

hey just a little tip one of my friends gave me... try a noise maker.