Monday, July 13, 2009

Crystal Hot Springs and a Calling

Since everyone and their dog is at the Logan pool on a Saturday, we thought we'd go to Crystal Hot Springs this weekend. Well, let's just say it's a little- no a lot- ghetto! No grass, see through bikinis and ladies who obviously did not look in the mirror after or before putting on a tiny two piece! I totally could have gotten away with wearing my bikini- and looked like a super model.
Anyways, we made the best of it and the kids had a ton of fun! We went down the slide a couple of times and I took my daredevil of an 8 month old. He LOVED it, squealing all the way down and only disliking the water in his face. I also took my niece Shaylee down once and of course we had to be going mach 90 around a turn and totally biffed it- Sorry Shay!

Thanks for the pictures Lisa (please excuse the hair, I had too much fun on the slide!)

Ryker got to practice his swimming for a bit then totally crashed for Grandma Cindy. Why is it that kids fight their parents so much when it comes to sleep and well, everything- but Grandma gets him to sleep easy peasy?!

So that was our Saturday. Sunday, Ryker and I went to church and he was such a whiner all day! I took him out of sacrament and we were going to leave because Dustin was patiently waiting at home for us. Well, we couldn't leave because his little toy duck had rolled all the way up to the pulpit and I couldn't get it when we after waiting for all of sacrament I went to retrieve it and was then called into the bishop's office. I have been called to the compassionate service committee. I think it is perfect because I love that type of stuff and also because I can not feel too guilty about missing church to be with Dustin (we're still working on this and patience I guess?) So I am super excited and have my first "duty" today- organizing and taking a cake to a luncheon for a viewing.

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Lisa and Brady said...

It was such a FUN Day!! And so fun to get together too!!